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    • Thank you, Woody, for yours pictures and for this special day. The Cristina elephant and you are a good team!. It was a funny and nice day, and you a wonderful man. Muaaapppp!!!!elephant kisses

    • WOODY! Thank you so much for the amazing day that we spent with you and your elephants. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience and you made every minute of the day enjoyable!
      I miss mommy elephant Christina and her baby who is probably getting so big now!

      Maddy, Natasa, Jan and Laura from Canada


      We had a wonderfull day and lot ‘s of fun.
      How great to return to chilchood and feel like kid when you’re 50 and over.
      One of the very best days of our lives.
      Respect , share and happiness will resume the whole thing.
      You, your elephants but also your so gentle staff and family make us
      believe in humanity and in a better world.Merci Merci
      Nicolas et Dominique Bordeaux France

    • Just wanted to take a few lines to thank you all.

      For people like us who are in Europe, living in big cities full of pollution, to have the opportunity to live with you one day Wody Elephant. It was a fun day where we have learned to see through the eyes of the elephants, how they think, how they live, and how they got there (which is most important), note that everyone on the team WANT them much and that they are happy that is the most important.

      Thank you all.

    • Hello Woody-Team,
      the foto gallery of the 6th September is missing, didn’t you take fotos on that day, too?
      It was e really great day, hope you’ll find the fotos soon.
      Greets, Gina

    • So much fun wiz all the elephants and associates at the training camp~ we really enjoy our time there! Thank you everyone~Thank you so much! strongly recommend u guys join this program, u will never forget the experience! Hope I can meet you guys in one day~

  1. Hi Woody,

    Thanks for the great pictures. We had a really amazing day!! We can’t find you at Facebook, what is your last name?


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  3. Hi Woody
    What a fantastic day. Thanks so much to you and your amazing family and team of mahouts – and of course the elephants!!!
    Your elephant camp is much recommended as it is obvious the elephants are treated with much compassion, immense knowledge and understanding of these fantastic animals. We felt like guests in your home and will return when we can.
    Jo and Dai

  4. Dear Woody,
    Thank you for an amazing day and for taking such fabulous photographs which will enable us to remember the day forever and share our adventure with our family and friends. We loved learning about Thai culture and language, how to get on to the elephants safely, how to feed them, how to ride elephants and trek through the jungle terrain, how to wash them and how to swim with them. A truly special day! Anyone interested in learning more about elephants and having a hands on experience with elephants should come and see you and your family of elephants.
    Thank you again,
    Nic and Chris (Manchester, England, UK)

  5. Yo Mister Wood,

    Pssst don’t tell anybody…… that this was the best thing we did after 2 months of travelling!

    The group was wonderfull we really had a amazing day!!!!!!

    Thanks for everything Mister Woody you kick ass!!!!
    The pictures are fantastic we are gonna recommand you at the Lonely Planet!!!!!

    Cheerz Perry & Marieke

  6. Hi Mr. Wood

    Thank you for a fantastic time and the lovely photos. We liked everything about your elephant camp. Telling more people to head over there :)

    Afidah, Azrif, Aqil

  7. Bon dia Sr Wood, gràcies per un dia encantador, un dia per recordar dins els molts records d’un meravellós país, tothom és mereix un reconeixement, d’aquí al món, gràcies.

  8. Hi Mr. Wood, I would like to say what a wonderful experience it was to be a guest at your home and to experience being with your amazing, intelligent elephants. You do a wonderful job and are so devoted to them. we have been raving about it to everyone !! Have a great xmas and prosperous new year Woody . From Linda Australia

  9. Hi Mr. Wood,

    Great pictures! It was really a fantastic day! Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

    Greetz Marcel & Ingrid

  10. Dear Woody,
    We had a wonderful and such a very happy day with your elephants and the training. The training was so full of joy and your approach to the elephants is with so much respect and love for the animals it was a real delight! It made me feel so close to nature because the place they live in is so peaceful green and quiet. My best day in Thailand, thanks again and thanks for the pictures!! greetings Ray and Cilly.

  11. Thank you for the wonderful memory and the pictures!
    We are so happy to get special and joyful experience. When we visit Chiang Mai again, we will certainly visit your family :)
    Thanks again.

    Hyun Jung & Hyun Joo.
    In Korea.

  12. Hi Mr Wood,

    Thank you thank you thank you for the most fantastic day ever! It was amazing and I loved every second of it. The elephants are beautiful and you are doing amazing work. Thank you and keep it up!


  13. thank you for a brilliant day. You all looked after us wonderfully.
    magical experiance for us, elephants so so gentle, thank you once agin

  14. hi there woody just a quick word to tell you how fantastic our day with you and your family was. your amazing elephants have given us great memories that will last a life time. you taught us so much in such a short time in a great environment. please give christine a big hug from us and lots of bananas and sugar cane. when you come to western australia we will take you on a horse treck. see you again some day thankyou Jo and Vernon.

  15. It’s such a shame that Mr. Woody forgot to post the pictures of me and my group. Unfortunately, after several phone calls, he simply left us without one of the most important souvenirs a person can take from such a tour, which are the photographs. In this aspect, I am really unsatisfied with the way me and my group were treated.

  16. Hiya Woody.

    We have arrived back in New Zealand now. Looking back at the photos makes the experience feel like it was just yesterday. I hope that all your babies are doing good and non are in time out!

    We had an amazing time thanks to you and your family. The elephants were spectacular. I hope that you manage to create the mud wall that you spoke about so that the elephants can roam around alittle more.

    Thanks again.

    Kindest regards to everyone back there.

    Kayleigh and Dan

  17. Hi Mr Wood!
    Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing experience…I am looking back at the photos from our day with you in January and it was one of the best moments of my trip! The photos are fantastic as well!
    Thank you again, and give the elephants a pat from me!

  18. Woody!!

    Sam and I had the best time with you a couple of weeks ago! Im so sorry we didn’t get to go out, we crashed after our jungle trek and left chiang mai the next morning at 8am :(
    Thanks so much for everything, the elephant jungle trek will stay with us forever. Was wondering if you still have the originals of the photos on the 8th of feb?? There are some fantastic photos I would love the originals of!

    Missing thailand already :(


  19. Dear Wood!
    That was the best day ever! Thanks for the great pictures and memories. We had a great group and an amazing time. Don’t worry….I’ll be back :D
    Cheers Mate! Mary

  20. Woody, my friend,

    We had an amazing day with you and the elephants. When we booked the trip we had no idea you would be our host. We could not have been luckier.

    An absolute higlight of our holiday in Thailand.

    Thanks, thanks, once again.

    Bart and Attie

  21. Hey Woody,
    Our day with the elephants was the high point of my five weeks in Thailand. And then to find the photos, wow! They are fantastic and a gift too for all my friends. When I give them the website, they learn the joy and respect you have for the elephants and they experience the fun we had spending the day with your family. Thanks for a great day. Thanks for the extra attention you gave us older, bigger people. May your future be bright and contented.
    Our best, Carl and Susan (18 February 2011)

  22. Woody!

    Thank you so so much for a fantastic day. Definitely the highlight of my trip. It was such an amazing experience getting so close to the elephants, they are so wonderful, I miss them already! It was great learning about your family and the culture, you took some brilliant photos and gave me memories to treasure forever. Thank you!!

    Wendy, Wales (UK) 05/04/11

  23. Hi Woody,

    Thanks a lot for a memorable day – it was very special to spend time for us as a family with small children and even a baby between the giant elephants.
    Before we came, I had some concern about safety – especially for the baby and the children, but this was absolutely not necessary.
    We felt very safe and had lot’s of fun – all of us and it was a great experience. We see how much you care about the elephants and we are glad that through our visit you can keep on caring for the elephants – they are lovely animals and fun to be around.
    Thank you also for sharing the lovely pictures.

    We can recommend this to anyone with small kids – 1000x better then a zoo visit or a classic elephant ride.

    Dylan, Tibo, Kiara, Tanya & Didier


  25. AMEI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incrível !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mega viva viva, Mari querida!!! Saudades gigante de você, amiga!!!! beijo enorme!!!

  26. Thanks so much Woody! What an amazing experience! Definitely a highlight of our Thailand holiday from Rochelle, Claire and Jarrod, oh and Kerry the doll :)

  27. Thanks Guys, an unforgetable day… Woody and the guides…..Very cool…Good Fun…..The Elephants……Fantastic……

  28. Hey :) I just want to say a big thank you for an amazing day with you all and the elephants. I had a fantastic time. Your love and care for the elephants really shows. I hope your family business continues to do well… its truly deserving.

  29. Thank you so much for posting the pictures Woody! This was such a special day and I am so happy to see all the great shots that you got and share them with my family (they are much better than the pictures we took).

    If you ever come out to California, please let us know


  30. Dear Woody,

    Thanks for an unforgetabel elephant experience! We had an amazing day and the kids will never forget it! We traveled around Thailand for 19 days and this was definitely the highlight of our trip. We really appreciate the way you treat your elephants, the love and care you give them.
    The kids had an amazing time and got very attached to the elephants. They loved taking care of them – feeding, bathing and riding them. They still remember all the commands you thought them in Thai.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.
    We recommend your farm to anyone we know who goes to Thailand.
    Good Luck,

    Zohar, Naama, Yinon, Nitzan & Carmel Liss

  31. Hi Wood,
    thanks for the pictures ! It was an amazing day and I will never forget it !!!!!
    I love elephants !!!
    Thanks for all, Woody, guides, elephants …

  32. Hi Woody

    Thanks for you and your elephants,you give me a fantasy day in Chiang Mai,I have learn a lot of things about elephants and could be a friend with them.I will tell my friends that is the best elephant tour in Chiang Mai and hope could visit Thailand again.

    Your friend
    Steven Ding

  33. Hi Woddy, Thanks to you, your team and the elephants for a great day. We had a super time, and you have provided us with some very nice photos to take home from our travels.
    Watching you work with the elephants and learning a little about them was really nice and its clear that you both have a lot of understanding an love for what you do, It was nice to be a part of even if only for one day.
    We wish you all the best and a big thank you for the giving us some wonderful memories which we shall cherish for many years.
    James & Sonia.


  35. Thanks for posting the photos so quickly Woody! We had such a great time and can’t thank you enough for such a unique experience!

  36. Thank you for this unforgettable day, we did not expect much, it will remain etched in our memories as the interplay between the elephant and mahout with Woody …. and thank you for the great pictures taken, bravo to the photographer …. good luck!

  37. Cheers Woodster, had a mean as day with you and pachyderms! Love the photos too. Good luck with feeding those suckers and looking forward to seeing some photos of Christina’s baby!

  38. Hey woody, thanks for the wonderful time at your farm and the great pictures 7
    We only can’t find the pictures of the elephant riding part of 25-11-2011. Hopefully you did not deleted them already. Thank s for reply and thanks again for the great experience! Greetings harm

  39. Hi,
    That was an awesome day and i will never forget it.
    How do I copy the photos, as i am unable to do this as a whole album?
    I was there 2011-03-13.

    Thanks Coral

  40. Hi Woody,what a blast we had!! Will there be more pics to come? I have a favor to ask of you. I drove in the front seat on the wqay to the camp with your driver and he waqs playing music that a friend made for him and I really enjoyed it. Is there any way you could find out for me the name of the band or the name of the songs so I can remember my trip by the music I heard that day. I asked him but I;m not sure he new what I asked him.

    Randy, Janis, Val and Rick

  41. hello woody

    I take advantage of the Internet to make a translation proper (well made ​​abstacrtion that is the google) … ;-)
    I call’d Nolwenn m j ‘was the only French group and one of the few not to speak English coorectement … and I’ m sorry … escuse!

    We were very pampered and well acceuillit and atmosphere was really nice and friendly ..

    I wanted to thank you for this great day that was for me a good source of information and knowledge for my work …
    J I really apreciated this day of training that I did not know, because zoo we don ‘have no right to direct contact with the elephants, so we do a training behind the bars of security and we can not know the contact Elephant Man real!

    I came up with a little apprehension made ​​of falling into a center that practices clowning for tourists, and I have appreciated the simplicity with natural laquel you have in your daily emerge and therefore for all this I thank you. Your passion for c is pachyderm is really obvious and appreciable j hope all my heart that you pursue your goal because there are things and people who deserved and I think you made ​​the party …

    We were very pampered and well acceuillit and atmosphere was really nice and friendly …

    Ps: if somebody has not a chance on me pictures of her photos … I do not mind ….
    Facebook: Nonno The Ramparts

    (thank you woody for facebook! one day if you want to know something about the training in France n ‘hezite not! but hey, I really think you did nothing to learn from us;-)

  42. Hi Woody!
    We would like to thank you and your team, and the elephants of course for one of the best days we had during our 3 week trip. This is something we will never forget! We will recommend to all our friends and family.
    I love elephants now! Thank you so much and thank you for the pics!

    Sam and Ray,
    From Canada!

  43. As Woody said, the elephant is his family, I like the feelings between man and animal is so.
    to Play here one day a little too short, only in Chiang Mai, the most memorable day, and I miss the lovely elephants.
    next time , I hope to see elephant Like to sleep.

  44. Thanks so much for a great day, beautiful pictures and the best memories of our trip. Unfortunatelly we lost all our pictures and we would be happy if some of you took
    some pictures of us and will send it to
    thank you …

  45. Thanks guys. The one day spent with the Elephants was the best animal interaction experience I had in all my travels. This was better than the walk with lions in the Africa and I just luved the fact that the Elephants were having a good time with us.

    Overall one of the best Animal tours I have done and thanks again for the lovely pictures too. These pictures are Icing on the cake.

    Keep up the good work and take care of the Elephants. I am sure you will.


  46. thank you very much Woody for this experience and for all the pictures you took of the adventure ! (we came on march the 10th with our two children Axel and Lucie).
    Let us know about your fantastic jungle project !
    see you

    Ah-Thiane Familly

  47. Woody and the guys..thank you so much for the great trip!! And the pictures are great! We keep in touch! Elephantskiss genie,alex en eef ;)

  48. Hi Woody,

    Thank you so much for these day, our favorite in Thailand ! My daughter Lily speaks often this day !. See you next time !
    Martine, Lily et Franck (Lise’s cousins…)

  49. Hi Woody and Tom

    Thanks for a great day! We’re still traveling, so we hope you will keep the pictures from the 11. april and 12. april 2012 on the site till july. Thank you so much :)

  50. we love Woody, we love elephants , we love VAN ( the little elephant’s name ).

    It’s an excellent day!!

    hey GREAT Andy ! We miss u, And we talk you always :D

    Denise & Neo

    Love u , Our friends.

  51. Hey Woody, Thanks a lot for great time with your nice and cheerful elephants and you – we really enjoyed it :) Baby elephant was a real cuttie. Is the second baby elephant already there? I hope everything is alright. Have a nice time! Greetings from 2 lithuanian girls :)

  52. Awesome pic Woody Thanks again, will reccomend your elephant camp to anyone…definately loved the two day experience and the crazy night out with the locals…wonderfull experience

    P.S Come to England i have you a horse ready ;)

  53. This was one of the best days I’ve ever had traveling (or possible just ever). So much fun!!! Thank you for the pictures and the amazing day!!!

  54. Thanks Mr. Woody, It’s a very fabulous day to me~ I will never forget it,and hope I can go there every time,COULD YOU GIVE ME ONE OF THEM TAKE BACK TO CHINA?LOL

  55. Thank you for a really special day, one of the best memories from my travels and comforting to know there are people there who care about what happens to these elephants lives. Will be sure to recommend the camp to any friends travelling out that way xxx

  56. Hi woody and team

    Thank you so much for one of the best days of my life and the highlight of my trip to thialand. It was an incredible experience and I’ll never forget it. The work you guys do is amazing.

    I would love if you could send me the pictures of the 14/07/2012 please. I didn’t have a camera with me.

    Thanks again


  57. Thanks woody! the day with the elephant is the best day in my holiday in Thailand. I think it’s a good chance to know about the elephant’s life. What a brilliant day! i will tell all my friends the experience with elephants and recommand it to my friends! At last, sorry for comment late.

  58. Hi all,
    thank you for the fantastic day that we lived with your team and with your marvelous elephants.
    It was a great experience.
    Best regards,

  59. Thank u so much! Woody,u r so nice! We show the pictures to my parents and they are intrested in the elephant training trip.

  60. Hi ,Woody , thank you for your pictures and the funny day ! I smiled everytime when I looked at the pictures ! Miss Qiang Mai ,miss your elephant team ! Thank you !

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  62. What an amazing way to spend my birthday 25/10 the experience was unforgettable and I would recommend to anyone – happiest nellys in chaing mai!!! By the way woody can you keep the 25/10 pics up a little longer as we haven’t had chance to pull them off yet!!! Thanks again xxxx

  63. Hi Woody !
    Thank you very much for the great day we spent with your elephants. It was so wonderful, amazing, splendid !
    Thank you.

  64. Hey Woody
    Thank you and your Team for this great day (2012/11/28)!
    I guess I will never forget the feeling of riding and sittig on this beautiful elefants! And thanks also to the mahout who was riding with me – he helped me a lot!
    I wish all of you the best and hope that I will ever be able to to this trip again!!!
    best regards Anne & Niels from Berlin (Germany)

  65. hi woody and team
    we had a good experience the 4 december, thank a lot for your hapinness and the joy that you give us , hope everythings goes well for you and your biiigg family ( i mean you and your brother the elephant) it was a discovery for us .
    merci beaucoup .
    elise and tony

  66. 零距离的和大象相处一天,这是我从未曾想到过的,这一天的体验从开始的小抗拒到最终的完全融入,不得不说是一次超级愉悦的一天。领队们的质朴、善良、热情、友好都给我留下了深刻的印象,非常感谢所有的人和事,让我度过了美好的一天(2012.12.23),我非常非常喜欢这天的一切,也非常非常感谢这天的所有人们。

  67. Thanks Woody for the pictures! Thanks to all your team, we had a very very nice day there!! Hope one day can come back! I will check if we have pictures you may like to have.

  68. Thank you for such a wonderful experience with such an amazing animal…. It was a very memorable day for me and I would never forget it…. you better “watch out” I am sending all my friends to your Elephant Camp :)
    Thank you for all the photos~~~~

  69. Thanks was mosr wonderful day with elephants!!!!
    have a ? . Is it any more photos from Feb 6, 2013…its ony 14 of them postet…
    Thnaks again

  70. I’m really impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it’s
    rare to see a great blog like this one today.

  71. Thanks for the wonderful experience on 26 Feb 12! I know our two little girls thoroughly enjoyed the elephants! When we looked back at the pictures, they just kept making elephant sounds and laughing! By far one of our most memorable experiences in Thailand!
    We did the Safari Elephant ride the next day, but your trip was much better and I personally enjoyed the relaxed climate, learning the commands in Thai, and definitely swimming with and bathing the elephants!

    The Larson Family

  72. Thank you for all guys from Woody’s Elephants, we have a really wonderful time on 21/03/2013. Even we only take half day tour,but it is an unforgettable memory. Cute elephants, nice people and great training about how to command elephant. All my friends are all very impressed of my pictures, especially the one I bath the elephants. Watch out, I will send them to Elephant Camp soon, haha.


    Flora Zou

  73. Hi Tom and crew:
    We had the best time at your place! It was my dream fulfilled as I have adored elephants for 25 years. I thank you for such a fabulous time. These pictures are great. I just wonder if we can get a better resolution as they were loaded onto the website with low resolution (KB instead of MB) but I know your fabulous photographer took pictures in higher resolution. Is it possible to ask for a few of the pictures sent to us in better quality (MB) ? They won’t print well with only KB resolution. Anyhow, it was the best day of our 2.5 weeks in Thailand. THanks for such a fabulous time. Please let me know about the possibility of getting pictures sent to us.
    Amy (& Tom) – USA, Colorado

  74. Hi,Woody

    It’s the best happy day in Thai! thank you for a woodyful day!The pictures is great!I Love elephants!

    Ann ,Yao from Beijing,China.

  75. hey woody!
    we can’t find the pictures from the 3/3/2013. we also checked the albums close to that date, but there are no pictures from our group :( do you still have them and can you please, pleas upload them??
    all the best!!!

  76. GOOD!ThankS!非常难忘的一天,感谢给我们带来快乐的宇宙超级无敌的性感又可爱的乖乖大象,感谢为我们提供热情周到服务的泰国朋友!!!

  77. Hi Woody, thank you so much our photos are now up and we love them. We want to thank you soooo much. We visited your camp at the start of our two week trip to Thailand, and walked away on the last day and still the experience with your elephants were our highlight and cannot wait to come back and do it again. Brings a smile to my face every time I think of the day.
    Thankyou for an amazing experience.

  78. Hello Woody!!!

    I dont understand and i’m little worried because the file of pictures of 30th april 2013 is empty. Can you tell us if there is a problem or not. Thanks.

    We are very eager to see them.

    Best regards!

    Elodie and camille.

  79. hey!! we were just wondering where the first group half day photos from the 1st may are? looking forward to seeing them!xx

  80. I don’t see any pictures? Is it normal? The album says…0 pictures.. :S
    Can someone fix it please, that’d be awesome. xx

    (April 30, 2013)

  81. 亲爱的无敌!Dear woody!我和林可能是第一个在这里留下中国字的中国人吧。嘿嘿。maybe lin and me were the very first Chinese couple who leave a message here! ha!那天过得很愉快,感谢你和你家人的热情款待。还有你的可爱的狗子!that day was an amazing memory for us,and we were greatly appreciated for your family!of course and your cute dogs!希望明年再聚清迈!Hope to see you again next year!

  82. May I simply say what a comfort to find a person that actually understands what they
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  83. Just seen the pictures! Look amazing……

    Such an an incredible day. Lovely trainers and also people attending the trip. I would highly recommend

    Jo xx

  84. I would just like to say a big thank you to Woody and his team for a wonderful experience at Woody’s elephant training camp. I have been travelling for 6 weeks and this has been my most memorable day to date.
    thanks again.
    much love Roxanne

  85. Woody, thanks for the photos and your kindly guiding. But we didn’t find the group photo of us. We attend your camp on 31,July, 2013 for the half day. Would you pls check it. Thanks very much.

  86. WOODY!太感谢亲爱的大象们给我们留下美好的回忆,感谢泰国朋友们给我们的超耐心的照顾和讲解,进山的时候赶上下雨,两次都是带我们骑象的大叔主动把自己的帽子给了我女儿,在他的保护下,七岁的女儿玩儿的超开心,很放松,真的让我很感动。感谢你们的笑容和陪伴,让我们能和大象有如此亲密的一天。谢谢!

  87. Dear Woody and team,

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures. We had an amazing day on the 25th of July!! Definitely recommending this to other people and if I ever go back to Thailand, I will visit your place again. Great staff, great elephants, great experience. Thank you !

    Kind regards,

  88. Fantastic day with the elephants in the jungle. Very fun a great experience. We were on 6 th agost but still waiting to see the pictures

    Thank you

  89. It was like a dream !
    Parents and children are very happy.
    That day was unforgettable.
    Thanks a lot
    I don t have to describe more…photos are talking by themselves !
    Laurence, Sébastien, Louis et Oscar

  90. Thanks Woody very much! That’s a wonderful day for my family. The pictures are so cool,especially we were in the creek!

  91. The day at your Elephant Training was one of the best of our 3 week holiday in Thailand. We enjoyed your story about how you work with the elephants and of course we had a lot of fun playing and working with the friendly animals ourselves. Thanks a lot!

  92. ¡Hola J & Woody!

    Estuvimos con vosotros el 11/09/2013 y salió todo mejor de lo que incluso pensábamos. Gracias por vuestra paciencia, por como nos tratasteis y sobre todo por lo que queréis a vuestra hermosa familia.Las fotos son magníficas.

    Todo un placer haber compartido esta experiencia con vosotros :)



  93. Hi there, just turned into alert to your blog via Google, and found that it’s really informative. I am gonna be careful for brussels. I’ll be grateful if you happen to continue this in future. A lot of other people might be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

  94. Kia Ora Woody and Jay … Am just wondering when the photos from Tuesday 22 October 2013 will be posted. Am really keen to look at our day.

    Lea Anne from New Zealand

  95. Best day ever! Great trip on our Honeymoon and we will and have definitely recommended it to all our friends. I love the respect you and your team give to the elephants, the elephants and your team really look happy . Happiness is contagious as you know! :-D
    Keep it up and I hope your fame grows! :)

  96. Kia Ora … When are the photos from 22 October going to be displayed??? Photos from the day before are posted, so hopefully they are not too far away

  97. Awesome day! Please, photos for 8th November?? Photos until 6th November are posted and from 13th November, but between 7th and 12th??

    Thank you!

  98. Hi Woody! Only 181 photos for 8th November? These photos are from the end of the day, and the rest? Please post them, thank you!

  99. Hi Woody,
    I see you put all kinds of pictures up in the past few days!!
    The only one I can see missing is Nov 16th. Any chance that day will be posted?
    thank you

  100. Hey there am still waiting for photos from 22 October 2013, can you tell me when and what is happening with this???????????? Surely the computer is fixed by now!!!

  101. Hey there am still waiting for photos from 22 October 2013, can you tell me when and what is happening with this???????????? Surely the computer is fixed by now!!! Any sign of them appearing soon?

  102. An Amazing day on 12th December, thank you, all the staff and of course the elephants so, so much. Highlight of our holiday. All the photos you took are great, bringing the fantastic day back for us.

  103. Kia Ora, I am actually beginning to wonder if there were ANY photos taken at all from our day with the elephant family, because they are taking an awfully long time to be displayed. If we had known, we would have taken more photos ourselves, considering there was a camera ther but was there any SD card found??? :(

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  105. A life changing experience! We learned a ton, got up close and personal and all the elephants were happy, healthy and well cared for. The kindness, patience, and knowledgeable staff were outstanding! We won’t forget it and recommend Woody’s to everyone!

  106. hi, had a fantastic time and it is exactly what i wanted because the elephants seemed to be really well cared for. one of the highlights of my trip. but i cant find my photos. i was there on january 1st 2014. if you could help i would really love to see them

  107. thank you for a lovely morning – 31st Dec 2013 – and what a great way to end the year! Fab photos, beautiful elephants, what a memory to treasure.

  108. Hello superb website! Does running a blog similar to this require a massive amount work?
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    Many thanks!

  109. WOODY,




  110. I had a wonderful time “playing” with the elephants and all the “kids” for the day. The elephants didn’t seem to mind us, either.
    I just want to know why there are so few photos (only 34) posted from our day — January 8th, 2014 — when there are hundreds from other days. Please post the rest of them!

  111. We spent four weeks travelling through Thailand and the highlight was our day spent with these beautiful creatures. Woody and has team obviously love these animals and it is obvious that they are extremely well cared for. A day we definitely would recommend to anyone travelling to Chiang Mai.

    • Hey Linda and David,
      are you from the USA, I forget the name?’s No wonder when you two months on the trip to Asia ist.Gerade last Saturday we arrived on German soil. Until further writing. First I have to correct here einleben.Dann I’ll get back with you. somewhere I have your mail address.

  112. Hi Woody,

    Only half of the pictures from Jan 10th ONLY CANDY team, of course I was in POOPOO TEAM and NO pictures uploaded … Could you please check and revert to me ? Thanks

  113. There is only 125 photos on the album 3/2/2014 and our groups have been missed out ? Have the photos been forgotten to be put up ? Please can you look into it

  114. Dear Woody, thank you for your amazing elephant training trip and that good skyline recommendation.

    I just come to this web for checking our 8 people(Chinese) group photo on 6th Feb. However, I can’t find any picture about us as some latest date has been updated. Therefore, could you please find out our photos and upload to the web for us. It’s appreciated if you can do that for us. Thank a lots.

  115. Merci à Woody et à toute son équipe pour ses 2 merveilleux jours en leur compagnie et celle des éléphants. Thank you very much.

  116. For us, the experience with elephant was unique and unvergesslich.Bis today I still think about it. Thanks to Woody and his Familie.Ich miss elephant already.
    Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

    Please wish these pictures had to mailen.Ich to web trying to copy, the images are too small?

  117. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience we had with the elephants!! I was so scared of them and after all it was easy to realize that even thought they are huge they are all that big in kindness and sweetness! Congratulation for the work you do and all the best for you… Thank you for helping me facing my fear and for living something that will never forget! Take care, Taiz

  118. Pingback: Was gibt’s Neues? | Wir sind dann mal…

  119. This was the bestttt day of my life!
    The elephants as you can see are well looked after and loved!
    We got to spend soooo much time with the elephants! Bathe them ride them swim with them feed them pet them!
    Such an interactive day.
    I would recommend this place to anyonee and EVERYONE!

    If i could, i would come here every single day and could never get bored of that!


    Thank you for such an amazing experience and fantastic photos!


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  121. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience and time spent with you all!! It was awesome to be able to be so close to these wonderful animals, laughing and having fun!! Appreciate the great attention and service!! Kob Khun Ka x 1000 times! :)

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  124. Hi there!

    We had with my two friends a really great day at the Woody elephant camp! Thank you for everything you did, such good memories :)

    We are just a bit sad to see that not all the pictures were downloaded for our day…We went on the 12th of April 2014 and all the pictures from the end of the day are missing. Is it still possible to have them ? That would be wonderfull, thank you !

  125. Hey Woody! Had a great time! My favorite experience while in Thailand. But I noticed that there are only a few pictures of our visit on April 17th, 2014… (Only 117 in total) Are you going to upload the other pictures soon? Thanks for getting back to me! And thank you again for this wonderful experience!!! :-)

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  129. hi,this is Sue and JoJo~it’s about have a year now since 14 september 2013,we just remember the website,sorry it’s too late to leave a message now. We had a wonderful day with you guys and our elephant friends, thx for leaving us the unforgettable memory ~wish to see you again ~

  130. Que dire ???
    Une journée mémorable, tout est conçu pour que l’on se sente proche de son éléphant. Une expérience que l’on souhaite à tous et toutes.
    Nous reviendrons ici lors de notre futur passage à chiang-mai car je veux faire découvrir cet endroit à mon fils.
    Un énormissime merci à Mr woddy ainsi qu’à son équipe !!!
    Merci pour tout…

  131. Please can you post the pictures from 3 May 2014, as I would really like to remember by wonderful day with you.

    Many thanks

  132. ฉันจะ ทันที คว้า กรกฎาคม ไม่สามารถ ค้นหา
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  133. Hi Woody, Had an amazing day with you on 3rd May but our pictures are not up here. I have checked about 5 times now. 2nd and 4th are up. Please Please Please can you upload the ones from the 3rd May? Thank you !!!

  134. Hi Woody,
    Please can you upload the pictures from the 3rd of May like person above has already said. Would love to have the pictures to remember such a special day. The day before and after are already up? Please Please Please put them up…3rd of May 2014
    Thank you

  135. สวัสดี เพื่อน ของฉัน ฉัน
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  136. Hi Woody!

    Thank you, so much, for the wonderful experience! I had the time of my life! I would however love to see some photos from that day, the 28/3. I’ve been looking for them, but can’t find them anywhere.


  137. Amazing elephant, amazing day, amazing woody, amazing pics, amazing all of you!! Thank you very much!

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  150. Hi woody, thanks for putting the pictures from the 26th up, but there is still lots of the group who did the poo in the morning that havent been put on from the trek or the swimming or in the river from the afternoon part!

  151. Hy !

    I can’t find pictures from 2014-7-14
    It was really great day and we love to see pictures with elephants.

    Thank you so much :)

  152. It was one of the best days of my life.
    Many thanks to Woody and all the crew, special wink to Phi ;-)
    May elephants and men live in harmony everywhere like in Woody’s camp !

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    Merry Christmas :) Magdalena

  165. Hi Mr. Woody,

    I can’t see the photos on Oct10-22, 2014. Can you repost, please!

    I really had a great time during my stay. I relied on your camera to capture the great moments. Hope you can post our photos soon! Thank you!!!

  166. Hi Woody and team, I had a fantastic day, thank you very much.
    Can you tell me where the pictures from 27th December 2014 are posted please. It appears to jump from 24th to 28th.
    I highly recommended this tour.
    Regards Fred Long.

  167. amazing pics from feb 23rd 2015, but there are a huge lot of pics missing of group no 1 (in the morning). like getting into water, bathing, the whole group picture… can you check again?? Thanks!

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